6100 Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS

Agilent- 6100 Series Single Quadrupole LC/MSFor more than 40 years, Agilent’s single-quad technology has earned a reputation for robustness and dependability in pharmaceutical and chemical analysis laboratories around the world.

The easy-to-use 6100B platform gives you the capability to:

• Rapidly screen compounds and confirm molecular weight
• Purify target compounds in complex mixtures
• Quantitate target compounds
• Positively identify impurities


Available models to match your application and your budget:

6120B – Budget friendly and very easy to use—with Agilent’s 1220 Infinity LC, a perfect workhorse addition for labs just getting into LC/MS.

6130B –  Flexible, high performance solution ideal for any quantitation application with 3000 amu mass range and 1 pg sensitivity. Compatible with Agilent Jet Stream Technology.

6150B –  Unsurpassed data quality for UHPLC and high-throughput screening and qualitative applications, with faster scan speed (10K amu/sec) and the power of Agilent Jet Stream technology

Agilent Technologies

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