6200 Series Time-of-Flight LC/MS Systems

Agilent- 6200 Series Time-of-Flight LC/MS SystemsTrue Hi-Def TOF technology gives the Agilent Technologies 6200 Accurate-Mass Time-of-Flight LC/MS an unsurpassed combination of mass accuracy, mass resolution, sensitivity, and in-spectrum dynamic range. These TOF systems deliver exceptional MS analyses that support demanding applications such as proteomics, metabolomics, impurity testing, product degradation studies, forensics, food safety, and environmental analyses.

Key features:

• Typical mass accuracy – sub-1-ppm MS improves confidence and reduces false positives

• Enhanced mass resolution – greater than 20,000 resolving power distinguishes target compounds from interferences and contributes to outstanding mass accuracy

• Agilent Jet Stream technology in the new 6230 provides low-picrogram on-column sensitivity for finding impurities or biomarkers at extremely low concentrations

• Data acquisition rates – up to 40 spectra per second assures maximum data quality and compatibility with fast chromatography and high-throughput workflows

• MassHunter Workstation software facilitates profiling, characterization, identification and quantification of compounds in complex mixtures

Agilent Technologies

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