6850 Series II GC System

Agilent- 6850 Series II GC SystemThis small GC is an excellent choice for any laboratory where bench space, ease of use, and independent channel flexibility are important.
In half the footprint of a standard dual-channel GC, this single-channel workhorse can at least double productivity by allowing two GCs in the space of one and significantly reducing cycle times due to fast oven heat-up and cool down.
This instrument that has the same proven performance of Agilent’s 6890N GC and the 6890N inlets and detectors.


Key features:

• A versatile autosampler that can accommodate 27 2-mL vials or 22 4-mL vials (using an optional turret accessory)
• Built-in control of either the 7683A or 7683B autoinjector with the 8-sample turret
• State-of-the-art performance for unsurpassed retention time and quantitation repeatability
• Electronic pneumatics control, allowing all pressures and flows to be programmed into the method
• A choice of split/splitless, 150-psi split/splitless, packed, cool on-column, or PTV inlets

Agilent Technologies

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