Accessories for ICP-MS

Elemental Scientific- Accessories for ICP-MS
Elemental Scientific designs and produces a range of sample introduction systems for the determination of trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in liquid samples when using inductively coupled plasma instrumentation.

The extensive product line contains sample introduction devices for all models of ICPMS and ICPAES instruments, including:  



• Innovative SC-DX FAST Series of Clean Intelligent Autosamplers
• Micro Peristaltic Pumps
• Inert Autosampler and Manual sampling probes
• Inert MicroFlow and PolyPro Nebulizers
• Inert, chemically resistant spray chambers and end caps
• Demountable o-ring-free injectors made from platinum, sapphire, or quartz
• Precision and standard quartz ICP torches
• Apex family of high sensitivity, low contamination sample inlet systems
• PC3 Peltier-cooled cyclonic spray chambers

Elemental Scientific

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