Agilent Genomics qPCR SYBR® Green Reagents

Eldan offers Agilent’s qPCR reagents:

  • Brilliant III SYBR® Master Mixes 
    Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR® QPCR and QRT-PCR Master Mixes deliver superior specificity by utilizing a novel faster-activating hot start method to minimize the formation of primer-dimers and other off-target reactions. These unique reagents are equally robust and reproducible across a variety of assays on fast cycling real-time platforms.
  • Brilliant II SYBR® Master Mixes with ROX
    Brilliant II SYBR® QPCR and QRT-PCR Master Mix Kits with High/Low Rox offer superior sensitivity for improved quantification and reproducibility. Brilliant II kits also show more consistent performance across a wide range of template concentrations and different targets.
  • Brilliant II SYBR® Master Mixes
    Brilliant II SYBR® QPCR and QRT-PCR reagents were developed for improved sensitivity of detection, ensuring reproducible quantification even at low target concentrations. When compared to other commercially available QPCR reagents, we observe earlier threshold cycle (Ct) detection at high and low template concentrations as well as improved reaction efficiency and replicate reproducibility across the entire range of template concentrations.
  • Passive Reference Dye
    The passive reference dye may be added to fluorescence-based quantitative PCR assays to compensate for non-PCR related variations in fluorescence.

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