Brady Tachy Overlap

Active Resynchronization

“The sudden loss of CRT during exercise might prevent the patient from experiencing prolonged, beneficial physical activity.”

The Brady Tachy Overlap (BTO) – CRT during rest and exercise

CRT patients exercise too – but to enjoy the benefits of prolonged exercise, CRT patients need to be resynchronized at increased heart rates.

• BTO unlocks pacing and detection and can maintain resynchronization support up to 145 beats per minute.
• Resynchronization is maintained during exercise without restrictive programming interlocks with slow VT detection.
• Slow VT is more prevalent as LV function deteriorates.
• Brady Tachy Overlap (BTO) is a solution that allows detection and painless therapy for slow VTs with rates as low as 100 beats per minute while still maintaining CRT up to 145 bpm.

Sorin Group

More information is available on Sorin Group’s website including indications and contraindications etc. >>

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