Carbo-Seal Valsalva Ascending Aortic Prosthesis

Sorin- Carbo-Seal Valsalva Ascending Aortic Prosthesis

Implantation Considerations:

• Vertical orientation of pleats facilitates coronary anastomosis.
• Graft material resists fraying and quickly seals suture holes, minimizing bleeding.
• Easier handling and suturing in comparison to bulkier velour materials.
• Ultra-low porosity fabric results in less leakage, weeping and blushing.
• Pliable, cork-shaped sewing cuff conforms to annulus, minimizing potential perivalvular leaks.
• Titanium stiffening ring allows valve rotatability in-situ.

Available sizes: 21mm – 29mm.

Clinical Considerations:

• Graft is infused with minimally cross-linked gelatin for faster healing, encouraging a secure neo-intimal attachment with reduced inflammatory response.
• Collagen gel hydrolyzes within 14 days.
• Sinus of Valsalva replicates the native sinus, reducing stress on the coronary anastomoses.
• Sinus design encourages natural formation of systolic vortex.
• Full-sized standard aortic valve provides excellent hemodynamics.
• The CarboMedics Standard Aortic Valve offers unsurpassed thromboembolic performance and excellent hemodynamics.


• Ascending aortic aneurysms.
• Infective aortitis.
• Marfan’s Syndrome.

Sorin Group

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