Ergonomic Manual Crimpers and Decappers

Agilent- Ergonomic Manual Crimpers and DecappersAgilent introduces the new generation of manual crimpers and decappers:


• Comfortable, lightweight handles with thoughtful ergonomically designed handles fit smoothly in the hand
• Weighs 25-30% less than existing crimpers to reduce wrist strain
• No more pinching palms between metal bars and tightening nut

No more guessing

• Crimpers are color coded with blue knobs and labels, decappers with orange
• Top-mounted adjustment knob shows directionality for tightening/ loosening
• The adjustment knob doubles as an indicator that the crimp (or decap) is complete. When it contacts the crimper body, the vial is crimped (or decapped)

Better experience overall

• Long life – the 11mm crimper will cap at least 100,000 caps and the 20mm 60,000 before wear starts to affect the performance
• Narrow jaws provide better vertical clearance over vials
• Bottom handle motion allows for better control and enhanced stability of crimping jaw
• Sturdily constructed of rugged fiber-reinforced resin with steel reinforcement in the handles
• Extensively tested with Agilent vials

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