High GC, Inhibited & Difficult Target PCR Enzymes

Eldan DNAEldan offers Agilent’s High GC, Inhibited & Difficult Target PCR Enzymes:

 • Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerases 

Herculase II produces superior yields with extension times as short as 15 sec/kb, even with genomic DNA targets up to 23kb. Herculase II helps overcome PCR challenges with successful amplification of targets of all complexity. It will easily amplify low abundance, high GC, and other difficult targets with robust yields.

 • PfuTurbo Cx Hotstart DNA Polymerase 
PfuTurbo Cx formulated with a mutant of Pfu DNA polymerase that overcomes uracil stalling completely, allowing the polymerase to read through uracil located in the template strand or incorporated into the extending strand. PfuTurbo Cx has been engineered with increased proofreading activity to counter mutations introduced by uracil read-through.

• AffinityScript Multi-Temp RT & RT-PCR 
AffinityScript Multiple Temperature Reverse Transcriptase (RT) produces high cDNA yields over the broadest temperature range with high affinity to primer/template complexes. It delivers high cDNA yield when amplifying low RNA input amounts and resolving RNA secondary structure using temperatures up to 55°C.

• PicoMaxx Hi-Fi PCR System & Master Mix
PicoMaxx possesses the sensitivity to detect low copy number targets and the robustness to withstand effects of PCR inhibitors without the need for extensive purification and subsequent DNA loss. PicoMaxx also reliably produces high PCR product yields on a wide variety of templates up to 10 kb.

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