Impact Instrumentation Inc.

Impact Instrumentation Inc., now part of ZOLL Medical Corporation, is a medical device developer/ manufacturer of respiratory care products and measuring instrumentation.

lmpact products include Uni-vent® Portable Ventilators: AEV® Automatic Emergency Ventilators, vacuum pumps, compressors, aspirators (portable, mobile, in-wall and on-board), Rail Mounting Systems and Performance Analyzers.

These innovative medical devices can be found in hospitals, home health care, ambulances, fire/rescue services, aboard ships, in aircrafts, and throughout the military services.
In fact, Impact products have withstood the rigors of combat – serving in the Gulf War, Balkans, Somalia, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Impact products available in Eldan:
Uni-vent® Portable Ventilators: AEV® Automatic Emergency Ventilators and aspirators (portable, mobile, in-wall and on-board).

Impact Instrumentation

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