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As in every year Eldan will participate at the 17th annual meeting of the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society – ISRANALYTICA 2014.

Throughout Isranalytica, we offer a seminar where the latest technology innovations will be discussed in more detail. Our specialists will be available to answer any of your questions.

Better chromatography performance with the right consumables

Interference based sample prep selection: Choosing the best technique for your sample
Sample preparation/ sample clean-up are fundamental to having a robust and accurate analytical process. Although a rich diversity of sample prep options exists, many can be a tradeoff between cleanliness, complexity, cost and speed. It may sometimes be difficult for an end user to identify the most compatible and beneficial technique for their particular method. In this seminar we will review the benefits, limitations and workflow of common sample prep and provide simple tips and tools which will help aid correct technique selection and implementation.

Probing with selectivity in LC Separation: Faster routes to more efficient separations
The structural diversity of chemical moieties in routine analysis is ever broadening and the analytical chemist therefore needs more robust selectivities in their LC toolkit. Although robust and well defined, C18 phases can be too universal in their retention properties. This talk will focus on a broad range of other selectivities and their impact and ease of use in some non‐standard separations.

Ultra Inert pathways in GC analysis: Simple tools for maximizing integrity of analysis
A common system robustness issue with a GC method relates to column and analyte flow path inertness. Interaction and or/decomposition of important, active compounds can be observed and precautions need to be taken to avoid this. Herein, we will discuss the industry leading ultra-inert technologies that Agilent has developed in the past few years and their dramatic effect on system performance.

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