LTM Series II Rapid Heating/Cooling for 7890 GC

Agilent- LTM Series II Rapid Heating/Cooling for 7890A GCAgilent Low Thermal Mass (LTM) technology meets the demand for faster GC analyses and higher sample throughput.

This technology combines a fused silica capillary column with heating and temperature sensing components wound around it, which provide dramatically faster temperature ramp rates, as well as independent temperature control of up to four column modules on a single GC.

LTM technology shortens GC cycle times and makes it easier to deal with more difficult analytical challenges.

Integration with Agilent Capillary Flow Technology can greatly reduce column maintenance and provide significant new capabilities in multi-dimensional and comprehensive GC analyses. And as an added benefit, the LTM system consumes far less power than a conventional GC platform.

 Key features:

• Rapid temperature programming rates of up to 1800 deg C/min can be set.
• Fast cooling times, less than one minute for some configurations, aid rapid analytical cycle times.
• Uses the same 7890A GC injectors, detectors, and fused silica capillary columns with little change to your existing methods.
• Very good retention time repeatability.
• Ability to run up to four LTM column modules simultaneously with different temperature programs.
• System and LTM column modules design improvements to ease installation.
• Compatible with 7890 GC only.

Agilent Technologies

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