Paradym™ RF CRT-D

Sorin- Paradym™ RF CRT-DIndividualized Therapy

No two patients are alike, that’s why Sorin algorithms automatically adjust to each individual patient – allowing you to easily provide tailored therapy with limited programming.

Monitored Performance

PARADYM RF CRT-D is enabled for Sorin’s new, easy-to-use SMARTVIEW remote monitoring solution.

Flexible Programming and Optimal Performance

Three programmable LV vectors including LV ring to RV coil

Resynchronization for Active Patients

Brady-Tachy-Overlap™ (BTO) lets patients exercise at rates in the slow VT zone

Protect patients with PARAD+™

PARAD+ is the only discriminator to include both long-cycle search and chamber of origin for best-in-class 99% SVT specificity

Thin, Powerful and Long-lasting

• 11mm thin
• One of the highest shock energies on the market (42J stored / 37J delivered)
• Increased longevity: 9.3 years
• Designed for predictable performance

Sorin Group

More information available on Sorin Group’s website >>

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