GE- Vivid E9

Vivid E9

Vivid™ E9 is the first cardiovascular ultrasound system built specifically for 4D imaging – from ergonomics and image acquisition to data management and archiving. Whether in 4D TTE or 4D TEE, capture the entire heart in…

GE- Vscan

Vscan Pocket Ultrasound

Pocket-sized ultrasound that may transform the way physicians see their patients. Vscan is a powerful tool to help physicians make faster diagnosis and decisions at the point-of-care, by enabling them to quickly look inside the…

GE- Vivid S6

Vivid S6

Enhanced productivity. Enhanced Patient Care. The ergonomic design and easy-to-use features of GE’s Vivid S6 allow you to take workflow and productivity to the next level. Excellent performance through a wide range of applications coupled…

GE- Vivid i

Vivid i

Lightweight mobility. Heavyweight ability. GE Healthcare’s Vivid i  is the miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system to provide high-performance, full-featured imaging in a lightweight design. Vivid i  addresses one of the biggest challenges in cardiovascular care –…

GE-Vivid q

Vivid q

Compact without Compromise Excellent images. Advanced quantification. Streamlined workflow. And a wide range of applications. The Vivid q is a high-performance, cardiovascular ultrasound system that is no bigger than a laptop and extremely lightweight. With…

GE- Vivid e

Vivid e

High performance quality. Low capital investment. The Vivid e delivers everything you need in a compact smart ultrasound system. With comprehensive cardiac functionality the Vivid e shared service capabilities include vascular, abdominal, and OB/GYN imaging….

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