Stress Systems

GE- CASE Systems

CASE Systems

The CASE v6.6 Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing from GE Healthcare puts the stress on performance. With industry-leading algorithms, CASE enables you to quickly and easily assess cardiac function during exercise for greater diagnostic…

GE- T-2100 Treadmill

T-2100 Treadmill

Unmatched Performance, Safety and Value. Versatile performance allows use on a wider range of patients: Up to 182 kg and speeds from 0 to 22.5 km/hr, 0 to 25 percentage grade range. Unmatched safety: 152…

GE- CardioSoft™ - Diagnostic System

CardioSoft™ – Diagnostic System

CardioSoft v6.7 Diagnostic System from GE Healthcare is a data acquisition and management solution that transforms your laptop/PC or computer network into an advanced diagnostic system. CardioSoft™ allows you to easily acquire, analyze, store and…

GE- Ergometer eBike

Ergometer eBike

High-performance bicycle ergometers with robust mechanical construction that ensures reliable function even when in constant use. Features: • The system collects the full range of exercise test data for precise documentation • Pre-configured as well…

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