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Isranalytica 2017

Eldan is exhibiting at the 20th annual…

Agilent- zorbaxRRHD box

Special offer on ZORBAX RRHD columns

Eldan offers the Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition coloumns at a special discount:  This special offer is valid until 31/12/2014.       Eldan Analytical Team Tel. 03-9371123, Fax: 03-9371121, Email: an_orders@eldan.biz For professional assistance…

Agilent- Bioreagents

Agilent Bioreagent Promotions

From Gene Cloning to Mutagenesis & Protein Expression Discover them with our special promotions*! 25% Discount off Mutagenesis kits (Gene MorphIIand QuickChangeLightning). 25% Discount off Competent Cells (Cloning & Protein Expression). 25% Discount off Cloning…



Buy 2 QIAGEN® kits and get 1 kit* for free! Welcome to Eldan’s end-of-the-year special offer. Buy 2 QIAGEN® kits and choose 1 kit for free from this list: Transfection reagents RNA Stabilization  RNA/DNA/Protein Purifications…

Cosmed- K4 b2 features

K4 b2

K4b2 is the first portable system designed by COSMED to measure gas exchange on a true breath by breath basis. Key features: • Pulmonary Gas Exchange (VO2, VCO2) • Breath by Breath Technology • Telemetry Data…

Cosmed- Fitmate Pro

Fitmate Pro

The first desktop system for easy and accurate Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing. • VO2max, sub-max V02 and Anaerobic Threshold • Nutritional Assessment (REE, RMR) • Fitness Assessment and Risk Analysis • Body Composition & Comprehensive Weight Management • Software…

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