Modern Body-Box for the Gold Standard measurement of lung volumes and airway resistance

The Q-Box is the new generation body-box from COSMED for Gold Standard thoracic gas volume measurements. The measurement of Static Lung Volumes (TLC, RV, ITGV) and Airway Resistance and Conductance (RAW, GAW) through body plethysmography technique guarantee highly accurate results and has become a necessity for any high-level laboratory of respiratory pathophysiology.

Cosmed- Q-BoxFeatures:

• Gold Standard Body Plethysmography
• All-in-one solution for Lung Volumes, Airways Resistance, Spirometry testing
• Included Respiratory Mechanics module (P0.1, Mip/Mep)
• Large cabin (873 liters) provides comfort while maintaining high sensitivity to volume changes
• New high accuracy pneumotach
• Complete integration with COSMED PFT/CPET options
• Provided with Compensation Chamber & TGV Calibrator for research & routine quality control



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