Quark RMR

The Most Accurate Indirect Calorimetry solution for Research and Clinical Practice

The Quark RMR is a new generation metabolimeter designed to measure Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) through indirect calorimetry provided in a compact bedside solution. It is designed to accurately and instantaneously measure energy requirements of either spontaneously breathing or mechanically- assisted patients.

Cosmed- Quark RMRFeatures:

• Indirect calorimetry (continuous VO2, VCO2)
• Accurate measurement Metabolism substrate (RQ, FAT, CHO, PRO)
• Provided with flow-based-dilution Canopy Hood & Multiuse Face Masks
• Ethanol Burning Kit
• Either Spontaneously Breathing subjects or Mechanically Assisted patients
• ICU Kit for ventilated patients (option)




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