Semi-Prep & Preparative

Agilent- LC columns Semi-Prep & PreparativeWhether you are scaling up a routine analytical method, or maintaining precise separations throughout every phase of production, Agilent’s wide array of preparative and process columns and bulk media are designed for high loadability in a range of particle sizes and phases.

Agilent Prep LC is a cost-effective solution for high loadability to purify milligram to gram quantities with C18 and unbonded silica.

ZORBAX Prep HT is for rapid scale-up within the ZORBAX family, with optimized resolution and loadability under any conditions, up to 2,000 mg.

Pursuit and Pursuit XRs Prep offer high loadability with a high surface area, with C18, C8, Diphenyl, and Si, plus fluorinated PFP and PAH polymeric for shape selectivity.

PLRP-S Reversed-phase Prep to Process for μg/mg discovery to multi-kg cGMP with a polymeric material that provides excellent chemical stability, up to 1 M NaOH, for column sanitation and regeneration.

PL-SAX and PL-SCX Prep to Process have strong ion-exchange functionalities covalently linked to a chemically stable polymer for high-capacity purifications, or large biomolecules with high-speed, high-resolution purifications.

Agilent GPC/SEC Preparative columns for fractionation of samples based on their molecular size in solution provide optimum resolution, Isolate milligram quantities for further study, and efficiently quantify with over x10 scale-up.

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