Situs™ BW28D

Sorin- Situs™ BW28DLeft ventricular Bipolar Lead, Over The Wire, Silicon screw, Flexible lead body, 4 mm² Carbon electrode, Steroid.

Physical Characteristics BW28D
Connector IS-1 BIPO (3.2 mm)
Lead length 80 cm
Lead diameter 6F (4.8F for the 8cm distal)
Fixation Silicone screw
Introducer size (without guidewire) 7F
Lead body Insulation Silicone polyurethane overlay (8cm distal only silicone)
Inter electrodes spacing 16.5 mm
Pacing electrode shape Annular
Pacing electrode surface 4 mm2
Pacing electrode material Vitreous carbon
Steroid elution <1mg DSP
Proximal electrode material Platinum iridium
Proximal electrode surface 25mm2
Max conductors resistance (tip/ring) Dual insulated wires 12


Sorin Group

More information available on Sorin Group’s website >>


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