Solvent Safety Products

Agilent’s line of safety products includes a whole range of safety caps for HPLC Solvent Bottles and Safety Cans for Solvent Waste.

The Agilent safety caps are freely rotating, PTFE and PFA screw caps for all solvent bottles and waste containers used with HPLC systems in the lab.

Safety Caps Benefits:

• Protect employee health and work environment by reducing solvent emissions by 70% overall.
• Save money by preventing leakage and evaporation of expensive solvents.
• Prevent chromatographic retention time shift from concentration change due to solvent evaporation.
• Optimize solvent replacement with freely rotating cap design which avoids tube twisting during container exchange.

Try the Agilent A-Line Stay Safe Caps:

Agilent- A-Line Stay Safe caps

• Prevent solvents from leaching into the air
• Increase long-term mobile phase consistency
• Affordably increase and maintain lab safety
• Install easily

The Stay Safe caps include a time strip that tells you when the venting valve needs to be replaced.



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