Sorin- SonR®SonR is the only weekly self-adjusting CRT optimization system providing optimized timing at rest and during exercise for improved CRT response.

Why do patients need optimizing?

Studies have shown that around one third of patients with advanced heart failure do not effectively respond to CRT.
While there are several causes for this lack of response, suboptimal atrioventricular / interventricular (AV/V V) timing is one of the key factors.


Current methods of optimization are not ideal

Echocardiography based optimization is a very time intensive, costly process and is operator dependent. Previous device based algorithms are equation based and require the patient to come into the hospital, which is time consuming both for the patient and the hospital, incurring costs. Their effectiveness has also been called into question.

SonR provides weekly self-adjusting optimization of AV and VV delays

• For precise VV configuration, the optimal AV delay is determined on a weekly basis
• Every week, SonR tests 64 combinations for rest optimization
• Every week, SonR tests 5 combinations for exercise optimization
• By contrast, echo optimization uses far fewer AV delay settings to determine ideal AV and VV delays

SonR performs these individual adjustments under real-life conditions

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