Special Application Columns

Agilent- LC columns for special applicationsResin-based columns for polymers

Gel permeation chromatography and size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) are the most popular techniques for measuring the molecular weight distribution of natural and synthetic polymers.
The special application family includes:

PolyPore, ResiPore, MesoPore, and OligoPore, which cover an extended molecular weight range
PL HFIPgel for important industrial polymers soluble in hexafluoroisopropanol
PL Rapide for fast GPC when screening polymers for trend analysis
PLgel Olexis for very high molecular weight polyolefins
PolarGel for use with polar solvents and solvent combinations
EnviroPrep and EcoSpheres for simple clean-up of environmental samples in many organic matrices

Resin-based columns for carbohydrates

Hi-Plex ligand-exchange columns use high-performance, monodisperse sulfonated particles, uniquely suited to stringent USP methods for analyzing carbohydrates, alcohols and organic acids.

Silica-based ZORBAX columns

All Agilent ZORBAX columns are built from porous silica microspheres, manufactured, bonded and packed in our ISO9001 facilities. Special application versions include:

ZORBAX Eclipse AAA for fast separation of amino acids
ZORBAX Eclipse PAH for the effective separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
ZORBAX Carbohydrate Analysis Columns for high volume carbohydrate injections

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