Spiropalm 6MWT

Unique solution combining Spirometry and Six Minute Walk test!

Spiropalm 6MWT is a new medical device incorporating the latest design for portable spirometry and a unique tool for the standardized Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT). The Spiropalm 6MWT provides the customer with a complete testing package with the ability to measure minute ventilation and breathing pattern during walking together with a fully integrated pulse oximeter to monitor SpO2 and HR during the test.

Cosmed- Spiropalm 6MWT


• Real time testing for the standardized 6MWT
• Measurement of minute Ventilation (VE) and Breathing Pattern during walking, Breathing Reserve (BR) with ventilation limitation statement
• HR and SpO2 monitoring by Nonin technology
• Evaluation of Dynamic Hyperinflation, with the measurement of Inspiratory Capacity
• USB connection for external printer and PC software Omnia for spirometry testing
• 2013 Winner of ERS “Product of Outstanding Interest” (POINT) Award



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