Agilent- Vials, Caps and Septa

Vials, Caps and Septa

July 17, 2013

Agilent’s vials and caps are designed with tight dimensions guaranteed to work hassle-free with Agilent autosamplers. Extensive quality control of critical dimensions ensures that each vial works flawlessly with the autosampler’s gripping and injection mechanisms. …

Agilent- Solvent Safety Products

Solvent Safety Products

Agilent’s line of safety products includes a whole range of safety caps for HPLC Solvent Bottles and Safety Cans for Solvent Waste. The Agilent safety caps are freely rotating, PTFE and PFA screw caps for …

Agilent- syringes


With a broad selection of syringes for manual and auto injection, Agilent has what you need for accurate and effective sampling. Agilent delivers even more value in every autosampler syringe with the introduction of many …

Agilent- Ergonomic Manual Crimpers and Decappers

Ergonomic Manual Crimpers and Decappers

Agilent introduces the new generation of manual crimpers and decappers: Painless • Comfortable, lightweight handles with thoughtful ergonomically designed handles fit smoothly in the hand • Weighs 25-30% less than existing crimpers to reduce wrist strain …

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