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The allergy diagnostics of R-Biopharm offers two test methods for IgE antibody detection, the enzyme immunoassay and an immunoblot (RIDA® AllergyScreen).


Enzyme Immunoassay for the Detection of Allergen Specific IgE/IgG Antibodies

The RIDASCREEN® Allergy ELISA for determination of total and specific IgE and specific IgG respectively is an enzyme immunoassay in which the allergens for the detection of specific IgE/IgG are  covalently bound to cellulose discs.
R-Biopharm AG offers a broad range of products:

  • Total IgE
  • Allergy Basic – breakable 8-well strips
  • Allergy Advance – customized panel of 8 allergens in 8-well strips
  • Allergy Panel – customized panel of 16 allergens in 16-well blocks
  • Allergy Active – preloaded microtitre plate with customized allergen composition

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RIDA qLine® Allergy

Allergy Panels for Quantitative Analysis of Specific IgE in Human Serum or Plasma

The most commonly used in vitro allergy diagnostic test systems nowadays are either cost intensive quantitative single allergen tests or more economic and easy to handle semiquantitative panel test systems. R-Biopharm AG has faced the challenge to develop a sophisticated allergy in vitro test system that combines both a quantitative determination and a very economic and easy handling.

  • Quantitative – standard curve on each strip
  • Economic – allergen panels with up to 20 allergens for effective diagnostics
  • Reliable – standard curve calibrated against the “1st WHO IRP 67/86 for human IgE”
  • Customized – customer-specific allergen compositions for flexible and individual diagnostics
  • Individual – software evaluation with individually designable report

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