Top Hat Supra-Annular Aortic Valve

Sorin- Top Hat Supra-Annular Aortic Valve

Implantation Considerations:

• Supra-annular design with no valve components in the annulus.
• No ventricular protrusions for confident seating.
• Special sizers allow assessment of valve position and clearance of coronaries before implantation.
• Consistent, effortless suturing.
• Titanium stiffening ring allows for rotatability in-situ.

Available sizes: 19mm – 27mm.

Clinical Considerations:

• Supra-annular design allows for one or two size increase over intra-annular valves.
• Size upgrades provide maximum blood flow.
• Allows the largest possible orifice-to-annulus match of any valve.
• Alternative to aortic root enlargement.
• Unsurpassed safety and clinical record for valve related events.
• Titanium stiffening ring minimizes the possibility of leaflet lock-up or escape.


• Small aortic annulus
• Severely calcific aortic annulus
• DVR procedures
• MIS procedures
• Normal sinus area

Sorin Group

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