Eldan is now the Exclusive Distributor in Israel of Diagenode- Innovative Epigenetic Solutions

Eldan is proud to distribute Diagenode in Israel. Diagenode is a leading global provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research, biological sample preparation, and diagnostics assays.
Diagenode was founded in 2003 and is based in Liège, Belgium and Denville, NJ, USA.

The company has developed both shearing solutions for a number of applications as well as a comprehensive approach to gain new insights into epigenetic studies.
The company offers innovative Bioruptor® shearing and IP-Star® automation instruments, reagent kits, and high quality antibodies to streamline DNA methylation, ChIP, and ChIP-seq workflows.

The company’s latest innovations include a unique, full automation system, the industry’s most validated antibodies including Premium antibodies® and Blueprint antibodies™, and the Megaruptor shearing system for long fragment generation in sequencing.

All of Diagenode’s products and solutions in Epigenetics are now available in Eldan.

For information about Diagenode’s Innovative Epigenetic Solution contact Dorit at DoritM@eldan.biz.

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