Element AVITI™ System – new benchtop NGS sequencer

Eldan is happy to Introduce the Element AVITI™ System, an extraordinary new benchtop NGS sequencer developed by Element Biosciences, a US company.
Element Biosciences, founded in 2017, is a multi-disciplinary startup focused on innovating genetic analysis tools for the research and diagnostic markets.

• The AVITI™ System uses novel Avidity™ chemistry to enable a best-in-class combination of exceptional accuracy (with >90% Q30 data) and low cost with unique operational flexibility.

• AVITI’s user workflow enables the platform to work with nearly any existing library type – through its proprietary Adept Library Compatibility Workflow as a template for sequencing.

• The instrument’s flexibility begins with its two fully independent flow cell designs (300 Gb / 1 B reads per flow cell) and onboard tunable output feature to accommodate almost any run time or output you need.

• Element’s LoopSeq Long read technology works optimally for long read applications of 5 kb in size, including dedicated kits for amplicon or full-length 16S sequencing.

• For more publications please refer to the Element Biosciences Web Site Scientific Publications and Conference Abstracts | Element Biosciences.

• For fully downloadable AVITI sequencing datasets please refer to the Element Biosciences Web Site HERE

• And enjoy the Element AVITI™ System brief instrument demonstration video here.

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