Increase your Analytical Confidence for Polar Compounds

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Agilent J&W DB-WAX Ultra Inert GC columns

DB-WAX Ultra Inert (UI) represents the ultimate performance of PEG stationary phase inertness because it provides symmetric peak shape and improved response for challenging polar compounds.

For increasingly active polar analytes, you cannot afford adsorption caused by flow path activity. Having to repeat or verify suspect analyses wastes resources, hinders productivity, and hurts your bottom line. Unreliable results can also have serious implications in terms of the quality of the foods we eat—and the products we use every day.

Perform worry-free analysis of polar compounds with NEW Agilent J&W DB-WAX Ultra Inert
GC columns

DB-WAX Ultra Inert GC columns deliver excellent inertness with more reliable peak shape and better longevity performance than competitive WAX columns. These innovative columns let you:

  • Spend less time on troubleshooting and reruns:
    DB-WAX UI GC columns deliver excellent peak shape and reproducibility, lower detection limits, and better retention time stability.
  • Save money on columns:
    Extended inertness lifetime withstands repeated temperature cycling.
  • Stop prequalifying columns:
    Specific inertness testing guarantees out-of-the-box performance for every DB-WAX UI GC column.
  • Implement quickly:
    DB-WAX UI GC columns have the same selectivity as Agilent J&W DB-WAX GC columns. That means you can easily upgrade to Ultra Inert performance—without recreating existing compound libraries.

Excellent peak shape for acidic compounds

  • No need to run a separate FFAP column
  • Standardize on DB-WAX UI to broaden your application range
  • Same selectivity as DB-WAX: Upgrade to Ultra Inert with minimal validation—and without modifying existing compound libraries that are based on DB-WAX selectivity

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