Library preparation for RNA-seq

Diagenode’s new RNA sequencing solutions utilize the innovative “Capture and Amplification by Tailing and Switching” (CATS), a ligation-free method to produce DNA libraries for next generation sequencing from low input amounts of RNA.

CATS relies on polynucleotide tailing for capturing the 3’-ends of nucleic acids and the template switching ability of MMLV-RT to capture the 5’-ends for cDNA synthesis.

The Diagenode kits generate Illumina compatible ready-to-sequence libraries from RNA inputs as low as 10 pg in just few  hours. Libraries retain strand specificity of origin. Unlike competing solutions, our CATS RNA-seq Kits exhibit higher library efficiency versus ligation-based methods. The CATS method allows for accurate identification of a greater number of non-coding RNAs, providing higher complexity from better template capture and minimal bias due to lower amplification requirements.

•  Diverse transcript detection
•  Excellent reproducibility with ultra low inputs down to 10 pg
Diagenode- product•  Great performance on challenging samples

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