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Increase your Analytical Confidence for Polar Compounds

May 23, 2016

Agilent J&W DB-WAX Ultra Inert GC columns DB-WAX Ultra Inert (UI) represents the ultimate performance of PEG stationary phase inertness because it provides symmetric peak shape and improved response for challenging polar compounds. For increasingly …

Agilent- zorbaxRRHD box

Special offer on ZORBAX RRHD columns

October 31, 2014

Eldan offers the Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition coloumns at a special discount:  This special offer is valid until 31/12/2014.       Eldan Analytical Team Tel. 03-9371123, Fax: 03-9371121, Email: For professional assistance …

Agilent- Capillary GC – GC/MS Columns

Capillary GC – GC/MS Columns

July 23, 2013

With the highest inertness, lowest bleed levels, and the tightest column-to-column reproducibility, Agilent J&W GC Capillary columns perform better than any columns on the market. Ultra Inert Columns – allow you to perform trace level …

Agilent- Analytical HPLC & UHPLC

Analytical HPLC & UHPLC

The largest portfolio of Fast LC columns, and a broad family of phases across all particle sizes for exceptional flexibility and scalability. Whether you are performing conventional or ultra-fast chromatography or analyzing complex basic compounds, …

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